VideoClipMiniSite Builder Lite Installation Instructions

The VideoClipMinisite (VCMS)Builder Script is very easy to install, you should be able to get sites up and running in a matter of minutes.

The basic process is:
1. FTP the files to your web host and folder of your choice
2. Run the script setup program
3. Input a few pieces of information
4. Click on Create Video Minisite
5. View your new site to make sure it looks right
6. Remove the setup.php from your video folder
7. Register your VCMS Lite Script

That's it!

Detailed Instructions:

1. FTP the files in the folder VideoClipMinisites to your web host
You can install the script in the root folder of your domain like - , or in a folder like - , or in a subdomain like

2. Run the setup.php program
Open your browser and run the setup.php file, if the script is in the root folder you would run . If you have your script installed in a folder, you would run the file from . If you installed the script in a subdomain run

3. Input the information requested
Video Page Path - If installing in a folder, be sure the "Video Page Path" ends with a "/".

Main Keyword - This is the main topic of your site. It can be general, like "Golf" or it can be more targeted like "Golf Swing". Do Not end your topic with the word "video", the program will append video on to your topic keyword.

Adsense ID - The template is setup to use Google Adsense for money generation. If you don't want to use Adsense, you can leave "Adsense ID" blank.

If you desire to insert your own ads, you can modify the following files to advertise whatever you want.

4. Click on CREATE Video Minisite.

5. Now click on "Go to Created Site" to see your minisite!!

6. Remove the setup.php file from your host video folder - Once you are happy with your site, remove the setup.php file from your video root folder on your host. If you ever need to make changes to your site, you can ftp the setup.php file to your site, make changes and then remove the file again.

7. Register your VCMS Lite Script to receive notification of updates and other special offers.

If you need help, please submit a ticket with the helpdesk. Make sure your refer to the VideoClipMinsites script.

To get the most out of your VideoClipMinisites, I suggest you upgrade your Lite version to the standard version. Following is a comparison of features for both versions.

Configurable OptionsFree Lite VersionStandard Version
Main Site Keyword
Adsense ID
Additional Video Page Keywords 
Order of Videos (Relevance, Rating, Updated time, or Number of times viewed) 
Number of Videos per page 
Your Link in each page's footer 
Your Link text, for link in each page's footer 
Your VideoClipMinisites affiliate link 
Additional Templates 
RSS Feed for Content (Coming Soon) 
Examples Lite VersionStandard Version

Upgrade to the Standard Version now!